Things to see and do

Northern Lozère and the Aubrac mountains offer a great choice of visits and activities to enjoy during your stay at the gîte de Fournels.

Things to see and do in Lozère around the gîte de Fournels

  • Spa resorts: La Chaldette, Caleden
  • Hiking: Tour de l’Aubrac (GR5) on site, Natura 2000, Parc Naturel Régional Aubrac (due to open by the end of 2016), Le Lioran, the Gorges du Bès (On site)
  • Swimming pools: St Chély (indoor), Le Malzieu, Chaudes Aigues
  • Skiing: Laguiole, St Urcize, Le Lioran

Gastronomy & Local products

  • Gastronomy: Bras (Laguiole), Château du Couffour chez Serge Vieira (15 KM), Chez Camillou: one star in the Michelin guide (Aumont Aubrac), Burons, Table Fournelaise (1 KM), Restaurant au Fau de Peyre, La Chti Cocotte (St Chély d’Apcher)
  • Markets: Chaudes-Aigues (Monday morning), St Chély (Thursday morning), Fournels (Wednesday morning)

Visits & Events around the gîte de Fournels

  • Villages: Chaudes-Aigues (10 min), St Flour, Village d’Aubrac, Nasbinals, Laguiole, Marvejols, Mende, Le Malzieu, and for the day: the Gorges du Tarn, Millau (Viaduct)
  • Sightseeing: Le Lioran (Ski resort and hiking), the Gorges du Bès, Alleuze and Garabit sites, Cirque Mallet (corrie)
  • Visits: Château de la Baume, Musée du sabot et de la chausssure (clog and shoe museum) in Albaret Le Comptal, musée de la métallurgie (metalworking museum) in St Chély, musée de la géothermie (geothermics museum) in Chaudes- Aigues
  • Fairs & Events: Fairs, flea markets, transhumance festival, the Grand Parcours (a gourmet hike that takes place in early June in Chaudes-Aigues), Nasbinals annual race (in June), medieval festival in Le Malzieu (May)
  • Further exploration: Brâme du cerf (the deer’s bellow) (5 km)